Agent Testimonials

KWPP Is The Brokerage For Growth

KW Portland Premiere is the brokerage where agents grow into business leaders, market leaders, and industry leaders. The support, training and staff at KWPP have been a catalyst in my success and I'm so grateful for the relationships and resources there. Because of the exceptional systems and staff, you can work with any agent at KWPP and experience the highest level of service , industry knowledge, and expertise.

— Jennie, Hill

The Ability To Develop Your Own Brand

Keller Williams allows individual agents the ability to develop their own brand within the KW umbrella. Branding at its core is a way to simply differentiate your business from thousands of other providers of the same service. It offers the unique opportunity to unite a team which may include direct members or simply vendors that operate in cooperation with your business in a concordant mindset. Own it and the rewards will be evident.

— Linda, Heinrichs

The Culture and Supportive Staff Are Second To None

My experience transitioning to KWPP has been very positive. I can’t speak highly enough about the inclusive culture of this office, and the support the staff and leadership team offers to the agents has been amazing. I have learned a great deal from the leadership team and other successful agents here that have helped me to level up my business in the process.

— Chris, Sander

KWPP Has Made An Amazing Difference In My Life

KWPP has made an amazing difference in my life. I’ve received extraordinary training and support which has led my business to success and allowed me to achieve my goals. I am grateful for the entire Leadership team who consistently cultivates a culture of family and relationship. It’s rare to find both and you know you’re in the right place when your workplace becomes your second home.

— Melanie, Churilla

Moving To KWPP Was The Best Decision Of My 20 Year Real Estate Career

Making the move to KWPP was the best decision for my business that I made in 20 years of being in business .From day one I was supported, taught new systems and given new ideas to maximize my Sphere of Influence. The transition was seamless for my clients. There was not one hiccup. Instead I found systems that maximized my experience, my connections and my approach to my business. I maintained all the connections and communications that my clients have come to expect from me. The staff was always available to answer my questions, fix my mistakes or solve whatever dilemma I had. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience.

— Beth, Caster

KWPP Was The Right Choice

I joined KWPP as a brand new agent. From the very beginning I knew it was the right decision. The KWPP staff was there every step of the way to make sure I was set up with all the tools I needed to effectively sell houses. I went to as many of their training classes as I could, which gave me a great road map to growing a successful business. The energy and atmosphere in the office is unmatched and positive. KWPP views success as helping their agents reach success, and it shows.

— Bradley, King